Buyers Beware: The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition issues

If you’re thinking of purchasing Disney’s latest Diamond Edition of The Little Mermaid, you may wish to check out this video first. While the boosted contrast is arguably a visual improvement over its predecessor, the denouement of Ariel’s “Part of Your World” song has been unmistakably butchered by some sloppy editing. Head on over to the 3:02 mark on the video and notice that the clip of Ariel is flipped with Flounder’s reaction shot. Multiple sources have confirmed this is actually on the disc, it’s not an issue with this youtube video. An issue this heinous Disney will no doubt be issuing a recall, but you may wish to save the time and frustration of purchasing the disc just to go through the rigmarole of an exchange. There’s also a strange error at 3:38 with what looks like a screen tear in the top right of the screen, but that’s less significant (though no less serious) an issue.


If the information on is to be believed, Disney does not consider the egregious errors as a problem. From what I can determine, they will not be issuing a recall, however you can request for a corrected disc.

Per the blog:

“To get your replacement discs, contact Disney via phone or web: 800-723-4763 (U.S.), 888-877-2843 (Canada),

Disney will require you to provide your contact information for shipping purposes (name, address, ect) and then ask you a few questions such as where did you purchase the Blu-Ray set?, What is the UPC?, etc. If everything is in order, Disney will send a pre-paid envelope. All you need is to put the discs (2D Blu-Ray and the DVD) inside and mail it back. The replacement program is free. If you’ve downloaded a digital version, you may need to download a new version of that as well.”

So they have the fixed discs, just not the inclination to redistribute them. Just imagine the new generation of kids who will grow up always wondering why there’s a complete lack of synchronization on Ariel’s most emotionally intense moment in the film. What a hideous blemish on an otherwise stellar release of the film that marked the renaissance of Disney animation.


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