Harry Potter Collection on sale (ended)

For that one person who hasn’t already purchased every single Harry Potter title at least twice, this deal might be for you:

The Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection is on sale for $155 today as part of Amazon’s Gold Box sale (Canadian residents take note of the dollar exchange…). Because I do enjoy a good savings, I hasten to remind readers the rather dispensable detail that today’s deal trims 70% off the regular price (consider it inordinate overselling of a gratuitous price). The box itself is a marvel, crafted I suspect by a prop master from the films, and is crammed full of goodies, like a cloth bound map of Hogwarts and a 48-page catalogue of the film props. At that price, I could imagine people purchasing it for the included Horcrux locket alone.  As for the films, they’re all there, even the 3D copies of the last two films (book 7). and the set contains every bonus feature yet produced for the Harry Potter universe and then some (though one heartily suspects Warner Brothers to keep trotting out Harry as its Trojan pony boy for some time).

Still not swayed? Might I add the dreary prospect of a certain festive holiday looming on the horizon?

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