Video: Pacific Rim End Titles

As Through the Shattered Lens notes, Guillermo del Toro doesn’t just give us end credits. He gives us CREDITS! From the incredible effects studio Imaginary Forces (who gave futurists a future worth looking forward to with Spielberg‘s incredible tech display in Minority Report), and fueled by the pulsing thrum of Ramin Djawadi‘s rousing but minimalistic score, watch the credits and get your blood pumping to see the film.

Through the Shattered Lens


There’s nothing spoilerish in this video that has joined the End Titles sequence of Marvel’s The Avengers as a favorite of mine. Who said end titles for a film has to be the usual text scrawl we’ve been getting for decades. I’m not saying that every film should follow the digital effects used to make the end titles for Pacific Rim and The Avengers, but for summer blockbusters and epic holiday films this is a route that may just become the norm.

The end titles was created by the folks over at Imaginary Forces and all credit goes to these digital artists who made what was already an awesome and fun film even more.

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