JFK revisited

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I was leafing through Oliver Stone‘s magnificent script for JFK today, and I came across this curious selection. I wonder what we might make of it.


“Treason doth never prosper,” wrote an English poet, “What’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.” The generals who sent Dreyfus to Devils Island were among the most honorable men in France, the men who killed Caesar were among the most honorable men in Rome. And the men who killed Kennedy, no doubt, were honorable men. I believe we have reached a time in our country, similar to what life must’ve been like under Hitler in the 30’s, except we don’t realize it because Fascism in our country takes the benign disguise of liberal democracy. There won’t be such familiar signs as swastikas. We won’t build Dachaus and Auschwitzes. We’re not going to wake up one morning and suddenly find ourselves in gray uniforms goose – stepping off to work … “Fascism will come,” Huey Long once said. “in the name of anti – fascism” – it will come in the name of your security – they call it “National Security,” it will come with the mass media manipulating a clever concentration camp of the mind. The super state will provide you tranquility above the truth, the super state will make you believe you are living in the best of all possible worlds, and in order to do so will rewrite history as it sees fit. George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth warned us, “Who controls the past, controls the future.” The American people have yet to see the Zapruder film. Why? The American people have yet to see the real photographs and X – rays of the autopsy. Why? There are hundreds of documents that could help prove this conspiracy. Why have they been withheld or burned by the Government? Each time my office or you the people have asked those questions, demanded crucial evidence, the answer from on high has been “national security.” What kind of “national security” do we have when we have been robbed of our leaders? Who determines our “national security”? What “national security” permits the removal of fundamental power from the hands of the American people and validates the ascendancy of invisible government in the United States? That kind of “national security,” gentlemen of the jury, is when it smells like it, feels like it, and looks like it, you call it what it is – it’s Fascism!

I for one would love to see Oliver Stone dust off his mental typewriter and get to work on a new project; I’m sure we all know who would be on trial this time around. In the meantime, I’m going to go watch JFK.

And I suggest everyone consider picking up a copy of the terrific book JFK: The Book of the Film. One mammoth tome that provides Oliver Stone’s monumental script, annotated by the writer-director himself, plus reams of historical documents, notes, supplementary essays, commentaries. It’s a fantastic book, and required reading just as the film is required watching. If you ever wanted to know everything about the JFK assassination, this is the combo to get.

Here’s a link to the Blu-ray for those yet to purchase (there’s also a fantastic out of print DVD that contained some cool memorabilia, find it and you’ll forever earn my respect).
JFK: Director’s Cut

Rest assured, dear readers, that I will gradually dole out more than a few essays on Stone’s magnum opus. To paraphrase Jim Garrison, “I will not forget my dying king”.


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